Baby Boomer's Granddaughter

Baby Boomer Gets Grandbaby 
and on her first July 4th is dressed with American flag gear.

   bubbie Joy Krauthammer   ©       .          

This July 4th, 2012 we spent in Maryland during the week-long big blackout in over 100 ℉ with humidity.
Hurricane with 80 mph winds tore down trees and electrical wires.
We were displaced persons, refugess from heat, no a/c, no electricity, no fridge.
We 'couch surfed' at homes of people filled with Chesed
This baby got prickly heat rash, the color of the flag stripes!

National Memorial Day

Stopped by Veteran's National Memorial park in Westwood during Memorial Day weekend.
It was touching to see thousands of flags and I include a few here.

All those lives lost... and families who mourn...

photos © Joy Krauthammer